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Bay Windows

UPVC Bay Windows give panoramic views, so they allow more natural light to enter from multiple directions

Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay windows actually consist of three windows, a central window and two side windows which are usually set at 30­0, 450, 600 or 900 angles. They can be installed anywhere and are sure to become the focal point your room and home and enhance the overall appearance.

Better Ventilation

With the option to open two side windows, there is better air circulation making the room more airy and fresh.


Bay windows increase the aesthetic look of your home both in the interior and the exterior. They bring more light in and make the room look more spacious. The space can be dressed with plants or a seat where you can read and relax.

More Natural Light

Because they are angled, bay windows bring more light into your home.

Brings more value to your home

If at any time you may want to sell your home, having bay windows will benefit a future buyer straight away, for both the inside and outside of your home.

Because bay windows offer the option of having two operating windows, the homeowner and guests can enjoy a nice breeze from two directions instead of just one.
Bay windows can be found in any room in Victorian homes, but they’re also a popular enhancement for modern homes.
They can be installed anywhere, but bay windows are popular in the kitchens and living rooms of modern homes.
We can design your UPVC Bay Window to your exact requirements.

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Transform the look of your home both on the inside and outside at the same time with Horizon’s stylish Bay Windows.

Bay Window installation requires expert installers to ensure correct and precise alignment. Our team of expert fitters have over 30 years’ experience installing Bay Windows and have the expertise to turn your window into a focal point in the home.

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