Choosing an Apeer Door

//Choosing an Apeer Door

You may have heard, on a well known radio program, how easy it is to bump or snap front door locks. Another trick mentioned was the removal of panels to gain access. This cannot happen when you choose an Apeer Door

Features of an Apeer Door

  • Using a unique combination of some of the strongest and most robust materials in the world including steel, GRP, toughened triple or double glazed units and high density polyurethane, every Apeer70 and Apeer44 has security at its very core.
  • Anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap Kitemarked cylinder lock barrels are fitted as standard.
  • Multi-point locking system is fitted as standard to reinforce the concept of safety in your home.
  • Apeer70 doors have triple glazed units as standard and are internally glazed without exception preventing easy access.
  • Matching timber-effect raised mouldings fitted to the inside of the door and covers the reinforced, fully insulated toughened glazed units.
  • Sidelights are coupled with aluminium bar for greater security, rigidity and stability.
  • Flag hinges are fitted to Apeer70 doors to allow for adjustment.
  • Steel dog bolts secure the door to the frame, protecting against intruders.
  • The Apeer 70 and Apeer 44 doorsets are now being constructed with an all-GRP inner sash, replacing the u-PVC sash with fibre glass. It means the entire unit is now made from one material, effectively eliminating any possibility of movement or distortion – a common problem with other types of doorset and the cause of many remedial callbacks throughout the industry.
  • Apeer70’s double rebate system adds additional draught protection by creating an internal secondary rebated seal.
  • For better insulation every Apeer70 is equipped with toughened triple glazed units and Apeer44 with double glazed units. Glazed units are also available with Low E glass and can be gas filled to offer improved thermal performance.
  • Integrating glass into your Apeer door is a simple way to add personality and light to your living space. All the bevelled glass, fused tile and sandblasted designs are hand crafted by decorative glass experts. Each design is then integrated into a unique triple or double-glazed units and then presented in the door framed by a matching timber-effect, raised internal moulding trim.
  • These glazed units can only be accessed from the inside, which both further enhances the security features of your door and facilitates redecorations or replacements.
  • Our low-maintenance, highly robust colour finish is designed to stay looking good year after year, both on the outside and on the inside. Choose the perfect colour for the exterior of your home and match it with the perfect colour for the inside. Plus, for absolute consistency even when the door is open, we carefully colour match every edge.
  • Keyfree is the very latest in door security from Yale. Combining peace of mind with convenience by allowing you to access and protect your property without a key. Whether you use the remote control like your car, or enter your own 4-12 digit code into the built-in keypad, Yale Keyfree couldn’t be easier to use – and because it’s brought to you by Yale, you know it’s technology you can trust.

Benefits of an Apeer Door

  • Security. No Compromise with an Apeer Door
  • Energy efficiency. All Apeer 70 doors can be A Rated.
  • Finishing Touches. The door that keeps up appearances.
  • Colour Choices. Colour choices are not restricted to white frames, or to a white only finish on the inside. Choose your door colour, match the door frames, rebate, weather deflector and internal finish.
  • Glazing. Bring light into your living space.
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