Extending Your Home

//Extending Your Home

Extending your home is a big decision; therefore it is important that you get it right.
You may need planning permission, it is better to be sure before commencing work. Check out planning requirements here.

You need to consider what you want to use the extension for. It may sound obvious but you also need to take into account the effect the extension will have on the existing property. If you are adding an extension to the side of the house or converting an existing garage you will generally not have problems with natural light getting in to the extension.

However if you are adding an extension to the back of the house you need to be careful not to create a dark dead space in the middle of the existing property. This is where Conservatories, Sunrooms and Velux Windows can be very useful. Your extension is being designed specifically for your home therefore you can choose a combination of windows and doors to suit your lifestyle and budget

Open plan living is currently very popular. You may consider taking down some existing walls to open the current house into the new extension. If you want to be able to keep rooms separate, you could consider putting patio doors, French doors or bi-fold doors between the existing room and the extension. This way you can have the rooms as separate rooms but have the flexibility to bring them together for entertaining.

Natural light is very important in your home. It is said to improve your mood and overall wellbeing. All the Windows and Doors supplied by Horizon Home Improvements are energy efficient and high security. No need to worry about heat escaping through your windows or burglars getting in.

A well designed and built extension will add value to your property.

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