French Doors extend your living space

//French Doors extend your living space

French Doors extend your living space naturally without extending your house.
A very clever way of extending your living space into the outdoors is the installation of French Doors. French Doors can open out into your garden or courtyard to add an outside room to your house. They give a feeling of more space than traditional sliding doors.

Add a patio or deck outside your French Doors and you have a perfect setting for a Kitchen Garden. Herbs grow great in pots. It also prevents some herbs like mint from taking over your garden. In the words of the well known song “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” all thrive in the Irish climate. Other good herbs to have are Tarragon, Oregano, Chives and Coriander. Lovage is another good herb but tends to grow very big; it has a flavour similar to celery. Basil is a lovely summer herb, great with any tomato dish. If you have a south facing garden you could try growing outside but may be more successful on an inside windowsill.

High Security multiple claw and shoot-bolt locking system are fitted as standard. Optional Aluminium low thresholds are available for disabled access. By adding French Doors to your living space you add a lovely bright airy feel. On summer days with your doors open you get the beautiful aroma of the herbs wafting into your house. Of course you can mix flowers with your herbs. Some herbs also have very attractive flowers. Lavender is one that comes to mind.

When having a Barbeque, pick fresh herbs from your own garden to add to your salad. Mingle effortlessly from the inside to the outside. Your house is extended without an extension. Call us now to see what great deals we can offer you on your Home Improvements – 01 848 3744

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