Guide to Fire Regulations for Windows

//Guide to Fire Regulations for Windows

Horizon Windows has your safety in mind and you can be rest assured that all our windows meet the relevant fire regulations.

The general rule when considering fire safety in your home is that in the event of a fire, you can turn your back to it and have an alternative means of escape available.

In this guide we will just discuss the fire regulations for windows in your home (dwelling house). Windows may provide an alternative means of escape or may be used for rescue purposes. i.e. they should open wide enough so that a firefighter can gain access along with his/her equipment.

As a general provision, all bedrooms in dwelling houses, other than bedrooms with doors that give direct access to the outside should have at least one window which complies with the regulations.

As an alternative, a door which gives direct access to a balcony which is suitable for rescue by ladder or for escape may be used.

The window should have an openable section which provides an unobstructed clear open area of at least 0.33 m2 . The height should be not less than 450 mm and the width should be not less than 450 mm and the opening section should be capable of remaining in the position which provides this minimum clear open area. You may require glazing to achieve this.

To avoid any confusion, the window opening cannot be 450mm x 450mm, so a width of 450mm and a height of 750mm will give you 0.33 m2, as required by the regulations but as all our windows are custom designed to your needs the dimensions can be customised to suit your window openings. Here is a handy calculator for calculating the required surface area.

Were also given guidance on the height of the windows from the floor to make it easy and accessible for you to climb out in the event of a fire.

The bottom of the window opening should be a minimum of 800mm and not more than 1100mm from the floor. (Guarding is required less than 800mm) The area beneath the window externally should be such as to make escape or rescue practicable. i.e suitable for supporting a ladder for rescue purposes.

The opening section of the window should be secured by means of fastenings which are readily openable from the inside but in certain circumstances safety restrictors may be fitted windows.

Important to note that lockable handles or restrictors, which can only be released by removable keys or other tools, should not be fitted to window opening sections for escape or rescue.

In relation to replacement windows where windows are being replaced in existing dwelling houses, bedroom windows should meet, in as far as is practicable, these regulations and in the case of other habitable rooms, opening sections should not be reduced or altered to an extent that reduces their potential for escape or rescue.

Fire Safety for Skylight Windows

For further reading, here is a link to the latest fire regulations regarding Fire Safety in Dwelling Houses (2017)

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