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Triple Glazing

Offering the Highest Level of Insulation

Vista Therm Elite SE is a triple glazed window unit offering the highest level of insulation in the market with a U value as low as 0.7, a full 260% increase on a standard double glazed unit using ordinary clear float glass.

The difference between triple and double glazing

To simplify the question, the additional window pane inside the design improves heat retention and holds the heat inside the home and the window is more protected inside the frame.

In Ireland and the UK, our company has been presented with the maximum energy rating and by trapping the heat inside your home, you can save money on your energy bills.

Using two unique elite coatings and inserting Krypton gas into the cavities of a 28mm overall thick triple unit combinations, this is the highest performing insulated glass unit available in both Ireland and the UK.

This product and the level of insulation it offers will add value to any property and increase the energy rating as well as reducing fuel costs.


Whether it is heat generated indoors or heat from the sun, the extra pane in our windows helps to maintain that heat and maximise energy efficiency.


The extra pane serves to block out, even more, noise than our double glazed windows ensuring that your home is peaceful and quiet by blocking out any noise pollution. An excellent reason to choose Triple Glazed Windows at Horizon.


Each and every detail is an advantage to keep intruders from your home. Our windows have an additional pane which makes it more difficult to break them, this will ensure your family complete safety of the home. All the windows come as standard with a multi-point locking system, and they are also made with top of the range materials on the market. All our windows come with guaranteed resistance.

Other Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazing has a further benefit in its ability to insulate against noise. Modern life sees greater dependence on transport and many householders now find they are on a flight path or adjacent to a busy route which has a massive increase in road traffic noise.

Double glazing can help counter the noise entering a structure and triple glazed windows just go one step further in adding to the comfort level attainable.

The difference in the cost of triple glazed windows can contribute towards the savings with regard to rising energy prices and the amount of heat that is lost through standard windows. If homeowners are looking to reduce heating bills, then this energy efficient option goes a long way to assist.